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Friv Primary

Infomation game
: Primary is about a Hueman named Roy. Roy must climb to the top of Prizim tower to stop an invasion of color eating Void who want to destroy his world. It is an action platformer with puzzle elements. Playing as Roy you can change the colors of your body to access different areas, and use different abilities. As you climb Prizim tower you will unlock upgrades for your abilities such as the ability to create portals and teleport from from place to place/
How to play: W:Jump A and D move left and right S: Go invisible when yellow or drop from ledge when hanging. J K L or Clicking the screen: Change the color of your body. SpaceBar: actions for each ability. R: flip switches and enter doorways/
Keywords: Primary , Hueman , Roy , puzzle , action , Prizim , upgrades , colors ,

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